knobs and handles workshop
knobs and handles workshop
About the author

My name is Dmitry Zubarev and I am the founder of KB-14. I have been creating art objects for over ten years. I try different techniques and experiment with materials, looking for new directions, but one way or another I return to sculpture and decor.
The main source of inspiration for me is nature. I imitate its forms, lines and textures, copy or interpret them. This is something understandable for everyone, as we are all part of nature.
Now my work is closely connected with the creation of author's interior items using electroforming and casting. You can learn more about these technologies here. I create exclusive products based on my sketches and on order.
I live and work in Moscow.
Individual Entrepreneur Zubarev Dmitry
PSRN 322774600151242
TIN 775125724499